Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sweet Lady Opiate

       You and Me, Wow! We go way back and to think of the Decade we spent together, Sadly, the memories only inflict pain in my Heart. Strong, our bond was, Real and Deep was our Love, But shrouded in Lies and Deceit. I shoulda seen it but the light was blocked by your Dark Heart.  In the beginning we had a blast. You were there when I needed you and always the perfect fix. When life got to stressful or just to increase a good time it was you I called and you always came thru. Soon I realized that our innocent fun was not enough for you, you desired total control! You had to have the whole me, not just my Company you had to have my Soul, and you would not rest until you got it. By this time I'm usually long gone, Touché, Powerless, I let you take it!! At the time I was alone, broken and scared. You made me whole, with you I had someone, I felt good, never a worry but you knew that too. Soon, your grasp firmly in place there wasn't room for anyone for anything else. Family, Friends, Passions and Goals were all a threat to you and you made sure to put a stop to that. You convinced me that w/ you no longer would I need anything else. And we were happy, you filled me up. You made me feel whole!!! So I went through Life floating, stuck in your daze, Numb, Unconscious and Unaware of your true desires. With the world burning around us, we remained strong(so I thought). Luckily I was able to escape your Spell, for just a moment. Soon your powers over me subsided and I was able to see your True Colors. I couldn't believe that our love was so tainted. Who to seek comfort from now? Left was a hole, deep, dark and empty. Scared, uncomfortable and drawn to your Familiar warmth. To much to bear I took you back, kicked you out, alone, I take it all Back!!!! It's all I knew, insane was this cycle but What was I to do, at times, life w/out you seemed too much to bear. Clear headed now I see that to jump in bed with you, as strong as the urges may be, Deadly, The Snake in Sheep's clothing, now I clearly see. Your relief is false. Pain and suffering are required to attain true happiness. More time apart, not bound by your restraints, I see you for who you truly are; A carrier of Evil with a selfish lust for Death. Just a Pawn in your game, to survive I can't remain. Brokenhearted, you said we could have it all. Nothing but lies, thousands of others before me with the same story as I. To cut you off is my only choice. I'm not angry or resentful towards you, for my intentions were selfish as well, we used and abused each other. So today I say no, I must let you go!! Please don't call, text or email. It's Over!!! You will be fine, with your Whorish ways it will be easy for you to find a new Sucker to Squeeze. You can tell your Slut little fiends that they can no longer get a piece either. We definitely gave it a try, around and around to no avail. Afraid to accept the truth, We tried everything, I think at one point I died. Finally I have accepted that I cannot change you and with you nor can I. So Goodbye and Good Riddance. I have found true Love, to that, all your sexiness and intoxicating lure DO NOT COMPARE! I will always remember the times we had. It's because of these memories that make the good, So Good, because I've experienced and won't forget the Bad and Girl your the Baddest!!! Your a great One Night Stand, beyond that Quicksand. Needy, Clingy, Selfish. You can't catch a clue and evil motivates everything you do.  Good from far but far from good. With your sexy disguise it's like taking candy from a baby, and you would!!! The love I have now is True and Good. You can't stand that, and I know you will always be lurking, ready to pounce. I'm not afraid tho. I have a secret weapon and to it, you are no match. It's Honest, It's Loving, It's Unconditional.  It's the Opposite of you. It's.......

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