Tuesday, January 5, 2016



          Thinking Way Back To That March In 83' Yup The Beginning! On That Mythical Journey, Just A Single Tail, Frantically Swimming. Of Course Way Ahead. Always Winning! Crash That Egg Infused With The Y Combined With My X Now My DNA Complete...If Only I Could Recall How All The Blocks Fall, Or Fell, Then I Might Have A Story To Tell. An Answer For That, That Drags All Of "Us" Thru Hell...Was It Something I Did? Cuz It Feels Intergrated, From The First Time. How Damn Much I Love To Get, Be, And Always See Thru Eyes That Are Faded. The Feeling Unexplainable. Like, Finally(large exhale) Elated!!!! Makes Me Ponder The 50g, Was It And Has It Been Within Since The Day This Life Was Created? Or Was It Picked Up Along The Way And Can It Be Exposed And Then Dated? Deep Shit! Real Talk. God-Damn! If I Only Had That Fifty-Grand. Like The Saying Goes, All These Questions, Not At All. But These Foes And All These Poor Shattered Souls Would Not Have To Be Sold. Spared. No Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers Up Late Nights. Scared. Waiting For Deaths Door To Come Knocking Or Them Broken Mothers On Knees, Praying For Us Too Be Spared.....

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